Dune Jewelry

Dune Jewelry creates Experiential Jewelry® by crafting personalized, custom designs using sand and natural

elements from thousands of memorable and iconic locations around the world; from your favorite beach, ballpark, golf course, mountain top, hiking trail and more!  You also have the option to send your own sand or natural element. Dune’s unique custom and personalized collection is the perfect way to hold on to those special moments forever allowing you to live for the moment, then take it with you!

The Dirty Cookie


How cute are these cookie shots from the dirty cookie? I thought these were perfect for the holidays to share with the family. They were a hit with the kids! I love that they have fun Christmas characters on the front of them. The most amazing thing i loved about them is that they actually taste good! brace yourselves or before you've know it you've eaten all of them! These little cookie shots are prefect for your next holiday party! Such a fun cute way to enjoy chocolate milk, hot cocoa or even Baileys! You can even order them for corporate parties!They can even put your company logos on them. The Dirty Cookie is known for their branded cookie shots. A dozen retails for $59.00 and a half dozen retails for $39.00!

Cookie Shots from The Dirty Cookie

TheDirtyCookieOC.com  |  Instagram @TheDirtyCookieOC


Kidzlane creates toys for every child, no matter what stage of life your child is in. They offer an array of toys including toys the whole family can enjoy. Kidzlane can be found on amazon and all of their toys are very affordable. Below I've put together a fun gift guide of toys the whole family can enjoy with the children.

This Kidzlane 6ft Piano Mat comes with 110 preinstalled classic songs!! 

It has record and play back. It comes with color coded sound cards and plays music from 8 different instruments! This toy is guaranteed to bring the family together for a fun time!

it retails for $49.99

This Kidzlane bluetooth karaoke machine Streams via bluetooth or aux cable and comes pre loaded with 100 cheerful songs &  nursery rhymes. It comes with a powered usb cable (batteries not included). Each mic sports a separate volume control so you can customize the sound settings

built in voice changer. it has 100 seconds record playback and retails for $39.99

This kidzlane doctor's kit comes equipped with realistic sound effects a carrying case. It has a sturdy child friendly design 

and retails for $16.99

This Kidzlane matching egg set is the perfect learning toy, Your child will learn basic life skills with this toy. Matching games were always favorite for me when i was a child. This toy retails for $11.89

This Kid lane magnetic fishing game encourages learning and creativity. Each game includes 12 unique colored fish to catch and count. This game is fun to play and easy to store. this game retails for $12.99

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