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One Pot Spinach Pasta

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

This dish is a staple in my family! My mom would make this after school for us at least once a week! It's honestly one of the easiest meals to make and you can literally make everything in one pot except the noodles of course!

What you will need!

Angel hair pasta

Cherry tomatoes


Fresh garlic cloves (about 5)

1 Lemon

1/4 stick of butter

2 tbsp of olive oil

Pesto sauce is optional ( I use for more flavor but it isn't needed) (jar or from scratch is fine)

fresh Basil




Bring about 2 cups of water to a boil in a pasta pot. Season your water with a pinch of salt and about 1 tsp of olive oil. Once you bring your water to a boil, add your angel hair pasta. Angel hair pasta cooks really fast, so watch it closely. It literally cooks in less than 10 minutes once the water is boiling. Cook your pasta until it is aldente. Drain your pasta and add it to your sauce mixture once your sauce is ready. Cook the pasta before your sauce is done so you can add it later.

Place your butter and olive oil into a sauce pan and let it simmer. Then squeeze one whole lemon into the pan Then add your chopped garlic cloves, spinach , fresh basil leaves, and tomatoes. Let the spinach cook down for about 5 minutes. Then you're going to add your pesto sauce. Let everything simmer together for about 5 minutes then add it all to your angel hair pasta pot.

Mix all the ingredients together and top with a little parmesan cheese. This dish is served best at room temperature and tastes even better the next day!


xoxo Ash

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