• Ashley Chennel

Vegetarian Sweet Potato Tacos

Heres what you will need!!!

A Half Can of black beans (or one can)

1 or two Sweet potatoes (depending on how many ppl you are feeding)

One red pepper

One whole Spanish or Red Onion

One Yellow Pepper

Garlic powder

Onion powder

Soy Sauce

Corn tortilla

Olive oil

Sour cream


Cheddar cheese


Dice the onions and peppers to about medium size. Cook one to two whole sweet potatoes in the oven for about 35 minutes. You don't want them to be completely soft on the inside. Once they are some what soft Dice your sweet potatoes to about medium size. Chop some cilantro on the side. Fill a non stick skillet with Olive oil. Just enough to coat the pan. Once your pan is hot add in your peppers and onions until they are soft but not mushy. Add in your half can of black beans and stir all of the ingredients together. Next add your seasoning. Add in a table spoon of soy sauce and Season to taste. You can melt your cheddar cheese how ever you'd like. Melt it in a separate non stick skillet or eat it non melted. Its really about preference. once your mixture is finished fill in tacos. Cook your corn tortillas separately in a pan with a touch of butter or olive oil until they brown on each side. Next fill in your tacos and add the toppings of your choice and plate them. Enjoy!


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