Skin Care Throughout the Year

Fall Skin Care Regimen

Every season I switch up my skin care routine because my skin changes based on the weather conditions. Here in NJ, our weather starts to get colder during the fall. As a result, my skin requires a bit more TLC. My skin tends to become very dry during the fall and winter months. Hydration is key for me during this time of year! 


My skin care regimen starts from the inside. I drink lots of water, get as much exercise as I can, and I eat lots of green vegetables. I also take hair and nail vitamins as well. Aside from all of those normal day to day things, I recently fell in love with a vegan skin care line called Zue Beauty. One of the main things that I love about the line is that it is an organic skin care line. It's also a very unique line because it's main ingredient is quinoa. Most people know about the benefits of quinoa as a superfood, but don't realize it is also great for the skin. It contains all nine essential amino acids, but it also has lysine. Lysine is a protein that can help to preserve the health and appearance of skin. Zue Beauty started as an idea to help give back to the community of Southern Columbia, by providing jobs for those who were struggling. Farmers who once harvested coca for drug lords now harvest quinoa for Zue Beauty—the main ingredient in all of the Zue products. You can find products online or in select Whole Food stores.


Zue Beauty is running a campaign that  is bringing awareness to the main purpose behind Zue—revolutionizing products that support communities affected by violence through profit sharing. The products come in a bundle and are 50% off during the campaign and you also receive a free product if you purchase a kit. The original price is $140 but during the campaign $59. I think is so amazing! Not only are they vegan and cruelty free, but they are also giving back to the community as well! This campaign ends November 27th!


Here is my step by step regimen!


1. The first thing I do is apply the purifying facial cleanser or exfoliating scrub (which I use every other day). I do not exfoliate everyday. When I do I switch out the cleanser for the exfoliant.

2. Then I apply the soothing facial toner.

3. Then I apply the restoring night cream.

Spring & Summer Regimen

My viewers always ask how I keep my skin so clear! I usually stick to using the same products all throughout the fall and winter seasons. However, for spring and summer I tend to change it up a bit. I have noticed during the summer my skin is more oily than usual. For the past few weeks I have been using Rodan + Fields to help tame my skin for this warmer weather! Im excited to share with you guys what products I've been loving for the spring and summer season!

In the morning I start out with the Micro- Dermabrasion Paste( but not every day) I only use it twice per week. So basically every other day. In it's place I use the Daily cleansing mask and follow up with the pore minimizing toner. If I know it's going to be a hot day I use the Redifine triple defense treatment. I apply it about 15 minutes prior to going outside. In the evening I use the Redifine night renewing serum ,the lip renewing serum, and the Overnight Restorative cream! All of these products really help keep my skin looking fresh, renewed, and clear! It is highly recommended to use the complete redefine regimen to achieve the best results!

For more information on Rodan + Fields products contact Mirriam R. Kimani or visit their website

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